Judith M. LeBlanc, Ph.D.

Head Consultant

Judith LeBlanc, currently Professor Emeritus, was a professor in the University of Kansas for 35 years in the Department of Applied Behavioral Science (previously Dept. Human Development) which co-chaired for 8 years, and in the Department of Special Education and Latin American Studies at the University of Kansas. During this time, she was also Coordinator of International Programs in the Schiefelbusch Institute for Research in Life Span Studies.  She also received her PhD from the University of Kansas and was named to the KU Women’s Hall of Fame. Dr. LeBlanc is a fellow of the American Psychological Association since 1978 and was given an Outstanding Contribution Award for International Development in Behavior Analysis, by the Association of Behavior Analysis. She is an Honorary Distinguished Professor of Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia (Medicine School) and of Universidad Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, both in Lima, Peru.  

Dr. LeBlanc’s research interests are focused on learning and she has numerous publications related to alleviating learning problems related to people with different (development disability) and their families. She has presented at conferences and consulted with programs for people with different throughout Europe, South America and Japan. She is responsible for the initial development of the long distance education program for parents and professionals that now operates throughout Peru and is working on providing education for professionals and parents of people with different abilities via the Internet first for Spanish speaking countries and then throughout the world.

Since 1981, she has been staff teacher, head consultant and research director of Centro Ann Sullivan del Peru (CASP).  She, along with Dr. Liliana Mayo and CASP staff, developed the Functional-Natural Curriculum that, along with family education is a hallmark of the success of CASP.  Dr. LeBlanc views the development of the program at CASP as a working example of her ideas developed through her own education and research across the years and for this she thanks Dr. Mayo and CASP staff.  She also believes that every student should be given the education and opportunity to become as independent, productive, and happy in life as is possible. 

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